70353 green

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Кошелек из натуральной кожи KINGTH GOLDN 70353 green

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  • Size:

- 18,5Х10,0Х3,0 cm.

• 8 compartments:

- 1 compartment for cash;

- 1 zipped compartment;

• Business card holder


- button;

• Material:

- unpolished leather;

- polyester (lining).

It has been several seasons that the catwalks of the fashion shows all over the world are dominated by the 90`s style. The “large bags” era is now replaced by small stylish purses, backpacks and clutch-looking bulky wallets. These simple but very important accessories are becoming more popular as they replace the huge and heavy handbags. It’s not a surprise that such accessories are often used by celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner to complete their fashionable look.

Modern accessories are astonishingly varied. Designers offer clutches and purses made from a variety of materials and often have shocking colors. However, classic colors of natural leather are considered to be the most popular-  a dramatic combination of red and black, noble shades of wine and green. Brown natural leather, glitter lacquer or embossed under the skin of reptiles. Natural unpolished leather, vivid lacquer as well as reptile leather embossing are now considered a top fashion trends.

Buy stylish and comfortable leather wallets KINGTH GOLDN to always keep all necessary things with you!


Состав Натуральная кожа, подкладка полиэстер
Размер ШхГхВ, см 18,5x10x3
Сертификация TС № RU Д-CN.AB71.B.30036 от 14.09.2016
Упаковка Подарочная коробка
Количество отделений 8
Количество отделений для купюр 1
Отделение для карт да
Отделение для мелочи да


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Кошелек из натуральной кожи KINGTH GOLDN 70353 green

Кошелек из натуральной кожи KINGTH GOLDN 70353 green

Long green wallet with embossed brand label.

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